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Terms of Trade

Cancellations, Terms & Conditions
Here is the legal stuff. One thing you might want to take note of is up until when you can cancel without any fees. If you have any questions about this stuff send me an email or ring our free phone:
  • All prices are in New Zealand Dollars and include Government Service Tax
  • Prices can change without notice up until the time you have paid in full AND we have confirmed a date with you.
  • We don’t take any money off your credit card when you make a reservation and you pay how you like on the day so the credit card details are required just to hold your place UNLESS it is a booking for more than $350 per person or includes accommodation or public transport or other suppliers . If this is the case we will contact you to confirm the price and get an authorization from you to make the agreed charge to your card at an agreed time. Prices can change without notice at anytime and the final price is not "locked in" until we have confirmed a tour date with you and you have paid if full.
  • There are several ways to make a reservation (booking):
    • by credit card in our secure website shop,
    • telephone us with your card number,
    • fax your card number to us or
    • by direct credit to our bank account.
 It is easiest through the website shop but please email if you would like to pay some other way.
  • There are three cancellation policies depending on what you are purchasing.
  1. Any reservation up to NZ$350 per person not including accommodation or transport. You can cancel or make changes to these tours up until 72 hours prior to the tour departure time without any fees. Once inside the 72 hours if you cancel or do not turn up for any reason then you will be charged in full.
  2. Any reservation over NZ$350 per person or that includes accommodation or transport. Cancellations inside of 30 days prior to your booked date you will be charged in full. If you cancel between 30 and 60 days from your booked date there is a 50% refund. If the cancellation is outside of 60 days there is a 90% refund. No shows will not receive any refund. This is because more expensive tours take a lot more planning and may involve other organisations such as helicopters or trains or specialist guides so cancellations often leave us with considerable expense that we have to pass onto you.
  3. When purchasing accommodation only. Cancellations inside of 30 days prior to your booked date you will be charged in full. If you cancel between 30 and 60 days from your booked date there is a 50% refund. If the cancellation is outside of 60 days there is a 90% refund. No shows will not receive any refund.
We reserve the right to charge an additional fee for any changes made after your deposit has been received and the amount will be advised at the time of your request.

Cancellation fees when you pay by credit card.  Banks and Website Payment Portal providers both charge a fee when you pay by credit card. Unless specified we absorb this fee and do not pass it on to you. However if your reservation is cancelled for any reason we still have to pay these transaction fees. Since we will no longer have any revenue from you from which to pay these fees they will be deducted from your purchase price before any refund is made. So your refund will be 4% less than you paid. To avoid these fees you can pay by internet banking.
Here's the fine print relating specifically to Prepaid Vouchers.
  1. Some vouchers have specific travel periods and/or exclusion dates. Please check the voucher terms and conditions before purchasing to ensure they meet your requirements.
  2. Once purchased vouchers are non redeemable.
  3. Vouchers can only be used by the person who's name is registered when you purchase the voucher. (this is to stop people reselling them)
  4. Once we have confirmed a date for you to travel your voucher is regarded as redeemed and cannot be used again even if you cancel or do not turn up.
  5. Do not book any connecting travel until we have confirmed your package date to you in writing. If you do this and we cannot provide you with a date that connects with other travel you have purchased we will not be responsible for its cost.
  6. Some components of your package provided by other operators have a minimum numbers requirement and you may also find that some dates get filled up so we cannot gaurantee particular dates. You need to be reasonably flexible in when you can travel which is why we give you a year to do so. But dont leave it till the last month!!
  7. The weather risk is yours. If a tour on your package cannot go for any reason we will try to provide another of similar value for the same time. If you don't take up this alternative there are no refunds. It doesn't happen often but it can happen.
  • Insurance: We strongly advise that you obtain comprehensive travel insurance that includes reimbursement to you for missed tours when unexpected events that mean you cannot make it to a tour.
  • Baggage: All baggage and personal effects are, at all times, at your own risk. Any excess baggage charges are the responsibility of the passenger.
  • Liabilities:  
    • The Consumers Act 1993 implies a warranty that the services rendered by us will be rendered with due care and skill and nothing contained in these conditions is to be construed as in any way excluding, restricting or limiting that warranty or any other rights implied by law which may not be excluded, restricted or modified.
    • We and our associated organisation’s and their employees are not liable for:
      • Any event beyond our or their control, including (but not limited to) war, disturbance, fire, flood, unusually severe weather, act of God, act of government or other authorities, accident or failure of machinery or equipment, or industrial action (whether or not including our employees):nor
      • Any act or omission whatsoever (whether within or outside our / their control) in relation to any booking, contract, travel accommodation, excursion or other holiday services (including the carriage of baggage) which results in any direct, indirect or consequential loss, damage, death, injury, delay, liability, additional expenses or inconvenience. These exclusions are subject to any rights or remedies you may have under the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993

Conditions to keep you safe:
  1.  On arrival at our adventure sites you are likely to be asked to fill in a medical declaration form. Medical conditions do not neccessarliy mean that you cannot go on a tour. The form is to help us make informed decisions about keeping you safe during your tour. If you have any questions about your ability to do a tour please contact us prior to making a  reservation. This form also includes a declaration by us that we do our utmost to keep you safe but that you understand that adventure activities do have some degree of risk and that you understand this and that you accept this risk. The form also explains declares that you agree that we can withdraw anyone form a tour if we think that they are likely to be a danger to themselves or others.
  2.  For some tours we use other operators to provide parts of it like aircraft, trains or activities that we do not do that you may have asked us specially to arrange.  We select the best operators around but we are not responsible for the omission or failure of these operators.
  3.  In order to keep you safe we reserve the right to alter a tour if conditions mean we have to do this for safety reasons during the tour. If this happens the tour is not covered by our money back guarantee. Prior to the tour departure, if we feel we can still operate the tour but it requires some changes to keep it safe, we will discuss this with you at check in time but prior to departure so that you have the opportunity to pull out of the tour and get a refund prior to departure. If you agree to the changes but then once you have completed the tour decide you didn’t like them it is not covered by our guarantee and no refund will be made. So please make sure you understand what you are going to do prior to departure. Changes might be because river levels are to high or low on the day for the trip you have chosen so we will go to a different river that has the correct levels to give you a great trip. We have 8 rivers and our type of terrain means you can have lots of rain in one but none in another nearby! 

This websites relationship with you:
New Zealand Discovery Adventures merely administers the website "" (the "site") and is not a representative of the owners or operators nor a party to any bookings you make on this site. We facilitate the booking for you but your relationship is directly with the products owner. The terms and conditions set out above may be overlayed by the product operator or owners own terms and conditions.   Any dispute between the products owner or operator is a matter between those parties and New Zealand Discovery Adventures will not be involved.


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