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Blackwater rafting, zip line & glowworm caves

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Get more for your money by doing all these options on the same tour !

    Rainforest Walk...     and...       Amazing Glow-worms  ...   and...                Cliff Jump...         and... 

    Zipline Sky Ride...    and...                Cave Tubing...             and...            Maori Legends...    and... 

    River Rapids...         and...            Rock Hydro-Slide...        and...              Pleasure Spa..  WOW!!!

This cunningly designed tour lets you choose as you go !  It's our most popular adventure as it enables you to add a zipline or abseil into the tour for much cheaper than if you did them separately. Everything is optional so most people can do it. Design yourself an adrenaline packed adventure, or a family fun trip or an "eco nature" tour. Choose the level of fun, thrill or relaxation you want! And since it is based on the West Coast of New Zealand South Island, it is in such a beautiful place too.

How about floating through an underground galaxy world of glow-worms, experiencing the fun of rainforest river tubing with a cliff jump, a zip line ( flying fox ) or abseil?

What are Glow worms?

Our Black Water Cave Rafting is a fun half day adventure that is quite unique, suitable for most people and takes you to a beautiful area of the South Island West Coast at Greymouth. The unusual cave environment with its thousands of glow-worms adds to a memorable experience.

You can up the adrenaline levels with a cliff jump, an abseil down to the top of the river tubing section or a zipline ride through the rainforest canyon to the start of the tubing. How about getting introduced to the local Taniwhas - Dragons of Maori Cave Legends? So make your money go further on your holiday by combining the zipline or abseil with this tour at a much lower cost rather than paying more when you do them separately (see below for price options.) All other activities described  here are included in the standard  Walk-In tour price.

Would you like to finish up with a relaxing spa served with a drink and a snack afterwards or perhaps just a hot shower or all of it? Yes!... Then this trip is for you.

Our glow-worm cave rafting (we are actually on tubes and not rafts!) adventure is flexible and can provide as much or as little challenge as you are comfortable with. Every trip is different depending on who is on them so they can suit all abilities and ages down to as young as 4 years. As your adventure is also based on the South Island West Coast there are no crowds and no time limits. Team Building, Educational Objectives or Leadership Skills can be included for groups.

And if you are on your honeymoon, let us know as we have a bit of extra romance just for you!

The trip starts with putting on our cave gear at our base in Greymouth. You'll get thermal clothes to keep you warm and comfortable, a rubber suit, socks and river shoes, helmet and life jacket. We then drive you for about 30 minutes to the cave area.

If you choose the walk in option you'll then take a 20 minute walk with your tube through the rainforest to the start of the river tubing. 

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Or... scream your way down the 310 meter zipline ride option when you jump off the cliff and ride the zipline through the rainforest covered canyon down to the river where you'll start a fun river rapid tubing adventure (you can walk around some of the rapids if you want) Adding the zipline as an upgrade to the cave tubing trip is a much cheaper way of getting this fun activity. If for safety or other reasons the zipline cannot go then we will refund you the zipline upgrade portion of your adventure and you still get to do the cave tubing with the glow-worms.  

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Or... you can take the challenge of an abseil option ( rapelling ) down the cliff to the forest floor prior to tubing the river rapids to the cave entrance 

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Whatever way you choose to get to the start of the river tubing, we all meet there together.

Your river tubing takes us to the rock hydroslide where it is time to add some more action to the mix! (optional). Sit at the top, raise your feet and you're offfffffff. You'll re-emerge at the cave entrance with a big grin on your face...

At the cave entrance you'll enjoy some intriguing Maori Legends of the local Taniwhas or underground dragon spirits.

This starts your float up into the cave done in the dark to the light of a galaxy of glow-worms in the roof. At the end of the float section we will spend some time with the glow-worms while having a hot drink and chocolate bar to keep us going before floating back out and finishing with an adrenalin shot from a tube cliff jump, but only if you feel like it!

Your adventure with us is one of intrigue, anticipation and even a touch of mystery & romance. People are able to choose to do what they want, some do everything while others just do what they are comfortable with as everything is optional. Site conditions and guests ability can vary everyday so the tour is varied to keep you safe depending on the conditions. Click here for bookings.

The place to meet for your trip is at our base in the centre of Greymouth. This is on the main highway near the town centre next door to McDonald's in a lime green building! The address is 8 Whall Street, Greymouth. You do need to book ahead. The optional cliff jump does not cost any extra but if you want to do an abseil or a zipline then this costs more and must be specified when booking.

PLUS...To make sure you really are getting good value, we will give you a voucher for discounts & free stuff at places around the West Coast. You can pick up an absolutely FREE Big Mac with any meal, FREE Email, FREE Goldpanning at Shantytown, a FREE Beer/wine, a FREE Dessert at a local restaurant with your meal, discount hostel beds & heaps of other stuff. Worth up to $428. Click here for more info on our West Coast Bonus Saver Pass.


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