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We are sure that you may have some questions about your adventures. Believe it or not, we actually really appreciate & encourage your comments & questions. We want you to have the best possible time whilst you are in New Zealand and to go home talking about our adventures. So by answering your questions we are helping you make the best possible decision with choosing the adventure that is right for you.

Below are a few general frequently asked questions-FAQ, and the green title text are links that will take you to some adventure specific FAQ.

Travel Tour FAQ

White Water Rafting FAQ

Blackwater Rafting & Glow worm FAQ

Why can't I take my own camera?
 We know it can be frustrating not being allowed to use that new camera you bought just for your holiday! We used to allow people to take cameras but too many people lost their expensive cameras in the river and blamed us for it. Also people were focusing on taking a photo rather than watching what they should be doing and that created some safety issues. Then the flashes from cameras started to impact on the glow-worm colony. So eventually we had to say no to cameras.   Our guides, having taken thousands of photos, have figured out how to get the best shots, so that you can best remember your adventure.

Why do I need to supply my credit card details & what do you do with them?
To secure a booking on any of our trips, you will need to give us a credit card number, the card type (we take Visa or Master Card), card's expiry date and the name on the card to hold your booking. We do not take any money off your card (unless your booking includes car rentals, trains, planes or overnight) and you pay on the day of your tour however you like, but once you have booked your trip with us, if you do not turn up there is a full charge taken off the card, so you do need to be sure that everyone in your booking does want to go. You can change your booking date and you can cancel outside of 72 hours and there is no charge, but once inside 72 hours there are no refunds if you cancel or do not turn up.

Please note our cancellation policy
For tours of one day or less than a day and that do not involve trains, aircraft, coaches or rental cars you can cancel or alter your booking up to 72 hours prior to departure without any fees being charged to you. If you need to cancel within the 72 hour period there is a 100% cancellation fee so you do not get your money back for any reason. If you just do not show up then the full price is also charged. You can alter your day or time without any fees being incurred if you notify us at least 72 hours before the tour departure.

For tours of more than a day or for tours that use trains, aircraft, coaches or rental cars, you can cancel outside of 30 days from tour departure without any fees being charged to you. If you cancel less than 30 days but outside of 7 days there is a 50% fee charged. Cancellations inside of 7 days do not get refunded in any way and the full fare is kept by us. If you are doing these types of tours we advise you to take out travel insurance which we can arrange for you

How do I get to your base from the rail station?
go to the end of that platform which has the street running down to all the shops.
Go down that street (Mackay) to your first street turning to the left (Tainui), you'll see a MacDonald's at the end of that street. We are next to MacDonald's in a lime green building with cave & rafting signs on it. It's about 3 minutes walk.


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