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Thanks for your is how we can help you.

We really appreciate you giving your business to us.
In return we would like to help you make your holiday dollar go further.
How can we help you do this?

We may be able to get you better deals on other companies tours around New Zealand.

The activities you see on this site are ones we own and operate on thePaul_1.jpg south island’s West Coast but we also organise multi day tours around NZ using some other reputable operators. We have been sending them business for many years so if you want to do one of their tours I can usually twist their arm to get you a deal from them.  Highlight then copy the table below, click on the email link and paste the table into the email. Fill in the table with all the activities you intend to do and what price you are going to pay and send it to me.  We will go through it and see if we can get a better deal for you. In some cases we can save you hundreds of dollars. If you are not sure how to copy the table just send me an email with a list of things you'd like to do on your vacation.

Email:  and past the table below.

click here and paste the table onto the email 

What is the reservation number of the tour you purchased from us #
What is your name on the reservation?
Approximate activity date if you know it.    Activity Name Activity Location if you really want to do it at a particular location Activity Company Name if you really want to go with a particular company.  NZ $ amount you it will cost you    Amount we can get it for, we fill this one in and email it back to you 


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