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Travel Tour Packages

Here are multi day tours where we organise everything for you. They include accommodation, transport & activities.
What do I get?

Every tour includes:
  • Shuttle Transfer
  • Transport such as rental car, train, coach, tour bus &/or mini coach
  • Activities
  • Accommodation
for the period that you request. The tour will vary in cost depending on your accommodation option, transport and the number of days you choose.

Help us organise your tour by choosing the style of accommodation, type of transport and itinerary that you want whilst on holiday in New Zealand.
What style of accommodation do I want ?

Backpacker Accommodation: you enjoy the conviviality of backpacker accommodation where you can prepare your own food in the common kitchen and mingle with  travellers from all over the World in the lounge or dining area. You also appreciate budget accommodation so that your travelling dollar can go further. Click here for suggested Backpacker Travel & Tour Itineraries.

Quality Accommodation: you want a private room that includes bathroom, TV & tea/coffee making facilities. Typically a medium range Three Star Hotel will suit you perfectly.
Click here for suggested Quality Travel & Tour Itineraries.

How do I want to travel around New Zealand?
Choose your preferred transport from the descriptions below.
Self-Drive: you've decided that you want to discover New Zealand in your own rental vehicle so that you can start anytime and stop anywhere on the way. Your tour package includes a medium range reliable vehicle with GPS for you to self drive your itinerary as well as the included activities and the accommodation. The self-drive option allows maximum freedom & flexibility with opportunities for spontaneous detours & extra visits each day . Click here for suggested Self-Drive Travel & Tour Itineraries.

Public Transport Network: you've decided that you want to discover New Zealand using an existing network of public transport such as coach, buses and train so that you can fully relax and enjoy the views. We will organise all the tickets for you on top of the itinerary, the activities and all your accommodation. Choosing a Public Transport Network is a great way to meet locals and other travellers with plenty of opportunities for new connections on each section of your tour. Click here for suggested Public Transport Travel & Tour Itineraries.

Private Travel Tour: No bus for you! You want to be fully escorted with your own personal guide to drive you around your New Zealand holiday. We will provide you with the guide and the vehicle on top of the itinerary, the activities and all your accommodation. Private Travel Tour is a great way to organise your trip of a lifetime for just yourself or with the company of a few selected friends or family members. Click here for a list of itineraries we currently run. They can all be adjusted for a private party.

Alternatively click here to send us your specific requirements and we will custom design your holiday of a lifetime for you whilst in New Zealand.

What type of tour and travel experience do I want?
We can mix & match your accommodation & transport options to suit  your own travel tour needs and preferences for instance:
Backpacker + Self-Drive
Backpacker + Public Transport Network
Quality + Self-Drive
Quality + Public Transport Network
Quality + Private Travel Tour

Just click here for a list of suggested itineraries which we can customise for you or simply contact us with your preferred travel, accommodation & activity options.

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