West Coast of New Zealand's South Island

Gold Hunting Half

Day Adventure

Gold Hunting with a local gold prospector.

The Gold Rush is on!
Find your own gold with the help of a local prospector.

His knowledge of the local geology, the hydrology and years of experience will enable you to go with him straight to the locations currently showing good gold colours.

He "claims" to have gold in your pan within two hours or he will eat his hat!

Gold can be elusive and different areas yield different levels at various times depending on things like which rivers recently had floods in them revealing the gold or who has been "working" an area recently. Dont go there as they'll have taken the gold already!

We will supply...

  • the local gold expert & his knowledge
  • transport
  • gold pans
  • digging tools
  • ripple box
  • gumboots

You bring...

  • a sack
  • strong digging arms

Where will you go?
This area is not called the Gold Coast for nothing!
There really is gold on the beaches.
It will depend on where we have been finding gold recently and which claims are available as nobody can just go gold hunting where-ever they like.
There needs to be a registered claim with a gold licence and some claim owners may be working the area commercially so it will depend on what they are up to at the time of your visit.
So it will either be on a beach or up on of the nearby river valleys.

How much gold will you get?
That depends on how hard you work! No, really it depends on many things. But we are confident that you will find a few flakes at least, to show you how its done and so you'll learn what to look out for when prospecting for good gold ground. 

And it's all about gold panning technique too. We will teach you how to use a gold pan but some people do have difficulty with getting the Knack!  If you are one of these then we will do it for you.