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1. Terms of the Agreement

1.1 These terms apply when Gold Coast NZ Tours Ltd acting on behalf of the owner ("the owner") agrees to rent the holiday house ("the Holiday House") to the renter ("renter"). The renter agrees to rent the Holiday House from the owner on the following terms and conditions ("the Agreement").

1.2 Unless otherwise provided in the Agreement, the term "renter" includes the person or persons entering into the Agreement with the owner together with all other people that will occupy the Holiday House during the period that the Holiday House is rented ("the Term") or may visit the Holiday House during the Term.

2. When is the house available? The house is available from 4pm on the day of your arrival and should be vacated by 10am on the day you leave. If the cleaners arrive at 10am and you have not vacated the house then you will be charged a late checkout fee of $75 to cover the cleaning team to come back a second time so please be checked out by 10am.

3. Damage security. Unfortunately we have had trouble in the past with people damaging the house and then disappearing. Repairs have cost us a lot of money so we have been forced to ask people for a damage security bond. We do this by holding your credit card number. We “Hold” $1 on your card to check that it is valid which is released after your stay. You will need to provide us with your credit card number when you collect the key on check in to the tour office at 8 Whall Str, Greymouth.

4. Guest Help Manual. In the house you'll find a folder with instructions for the appliances so if you need help with using them read this first as it has some pictures in it otherwise give us a call on 03 768 6649.

5. Getting the Key. The key will be provided to you on check in at the Tour Office at 8 Whall Str, Greymouth which is close to the Rail Station in Greymouth. So you’ll collect the key when you get off the train.

6. Cases when an extra charge may be made. By entering into this agreement you agree that your card may be charged in the following cases but may not be limited to these.

  1. The number of guests: You are charged according to the number of guests you list. Extra bedrooms/bedding will be locked and unavailable for use. Should you bring more people than indicated, you will be charged $45 per extra person per night.
  2. Not returning the key. If you keep the key we have to have the locks changed and new spare keys cut. This costs around $145 so please, please return your key.
  3. Damage: If there has been damaged caused, you agree that we will make an $850 bond charge against your card.  Once the repairs have been made and we have been invoiced, we will either refund the difference if the total cost was less than $850, or bill you the remainder if greater than $850. Please note that we do not take this bond off all our guests; only those who cause damage.
  4. How clean should you leave the house. Your Package price includes a service fee so you are not required to wash the bedding  or towels, however, you must wash, dry & put away your own dishes, and the property is to be left clean and tidy as you found it. Otherwise an additional cleaning fee will be charged, commensurate with the time taken by our cleaners above and beyond what is normally the case.
  5. Parties are prohibited: Please don't use the house for parties or drinking sessions as the additional cleaning costs can mount into the hundreds of dollars and these will be charged to you. It’s not you that will create this but probably your mates. The clean-up and sterilising after vomiting is very expensive.
  6. Odours: If you leave any rooms with an unpleasant smell there may be a deodorising charge of up to $125 per room. Some odours take several days to remove. If we have to find alternative accommodation for the next night's guests because the cleaning crew can't get the house to a reasonable standard in the 6 hours between guests then we reserve the right to charge this cost to you.
  7. Leaving the house so it cant be used by the next guest. If we are not able to clean, repair, deodorise, the house to the same standard as you had it on arrival in time for the guest that comes after you then we may need to find alternative accommodation for the next guests.This cost will be charged to you.

So please, enjoy the house, but also think of the people coming the next night. If you agree to stay at the house then you are agreeing to these potential additional costs if you cause them.

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